Adding a sparkly and unique twist to your festival or party looks

Adding a sparkly and unique twist to your festival or party looks is simple when you have access to gorgeous and quality accessories. Our face gems are designed in house and handmade, our unique glitter mixes and metallic tattoos are created with global influences in mind. It is the ideal way to create a free spirited style, helping to represent our playful style.

Chucky festival glitter

Ever seen those images on Instagram? You know the ones, in a glorious setting, where people have beautifully applied body art that looks truly spectacular. Or glitter looks that blow your mind! Our guess is you've probably wondered how they achieved the look... It's actually easier than you think, and you don't have to pay a makeup artist to spend hours painting your body with intricate designs. Our all in one face gems create this look instantly, and our glitter kits that come with a glitter fix gel, finishes these gorgeous looks off!

Glitter and face gems

We also stock the widest range of stunning metallic body art, so that you can create your own intricate body art look. Ideal for decorating arms, feet, the décolletage, backs, hands and ribs, metallic body art looks so quirky and unique and is so simple to apply.

Unique Metallic tattoos

Metallic body art is the ideal way to create a unique and intricate style for parties and festivals. There is something so beautiful about the soft metallic tones against the skin, in global inspired designs that really stand out. Don't just decorate your body with quirky accessories and clothing, adorn your skin with glorious metallic art to really make a statement.

Creating a quirky look is made simple with our beautiful high quality range. We stock everything you need to add that extra special something to your look, whether that be for a party, a holiday, a festival, or just for fun!

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